CoolSculpting Elite is a cutting-edge aesthetic medicine treatment that reduces fat from almost any part of the body, permanently and without surgery. By applying cold (cryolipolysis), body fat is eliminated. It is a non-invasive and natural procedure, with results noticeable within a few weeks and progressively intensifying.



Discover how the UrgoTouch treatment improves the appearance of scars in a single session during surgery. Learn more about this innovative technology and how it works to achieve more aesthetic scars.



Capsuloblast offers a solution for patients who want the best prevention available in the field of plastic surgery to avoid capsular contracture, as well as for those patients looking for a non-surgical treatment of an already established capsular contracture.


Retin X Pen

The Retix C Pen is a pencil shaped dispositive that uses microneedling associated to different types of laser light for the biostimulation of the skin, to be able to: reduce ageing, repair the skin and treat wrinkles.

Retix C Pen

Crisalix 4D

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