Facial Redensification

The facial redensification is a treatment of facial rejuvenation which aims to prevent the ageing of the skin, generating elasticity, hidration and light to the skin.

It consists in the introduction of hialuronic acid and vitamins, to correct the wrinkles without changing the expression of the patient. The facial redensification achieves three very clear effects. First it fills the folds and wrinkles of the skin. Then, is able to prevent the ageing and the wrinkles on the face, and lastly it restores the structure of the skin and the volumes, hidrating more mature skin.

For a short or medium term you will appreciate in a visible and lasting way, a deep hidration, an improved cutaneous quality, more luminous, better elasticity and firmness, more thickness of the skin also a decrease of the roughness, achieving a more smooth and uniformed texture.

Thanks to the replacement of the hialuronic acid that this treatment gives, long term effects are the increase of hidration, at the same time, improve the density of the skin, the firmness and elasticity.


Total improvement of the face, quality and density of the skin.

Duration of the intervention

20 minutes.


Control check up after one month.

Type of anaesthetic

Aneasthetic cream.

Duration of the effect

6 months.

Frequently asked questions

With very fine needles, in a pain free way, the product is introduced into the skin.

We recommend three sessions, with 3-4 weeks between each one.

After the three sessions, the general effect lasts for about 6-9 months.

The facial redensification can begin after you have turned 30, although its more frecuent to start when about 40.

The results start to be visible from the first session, but in one month after the third session, is when you will have the maximum result.

No. Although they are very similar treatments, the hidration attracts water to have a younger and juicier skin. The redensification also helps reinforce the dermis and improve wrinkles.

Yes, once the treatment is completed its recommended that you have a maintenance session, which would be done when the patient sees that their skin is losing the effect of the treatment.

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