A unique laser, different from traditional dermatological lasers.

Every year, some 250 million men and women undergo surgery. Although scar healing is an essential part of the skin healing process after a surgical procedure, it always leaves a scar which can never completely disappear. The discretion and aesthetic outcome of the residual scarring is unpredictable, random, and dependent on each individual.

The UrgoTouch laser treatment for scars is done in a single session during surgery in the operating room. As the treatment is done under anesthesia, it is absolutely painless. The UrgoTouch laser treatment will modify the inflammatory phase of the healing process, to help obtain a more beautiful scar.

Its goal is to improve the organization of collagen fibers, by biomodulating the scar, at the earliest stage of healing, just after the suture.


A unique laser technology for a more beautiful scar

A unique and patented technology

A portable diode laser system protected by 6 patent families. It acts at the beginning of the scar healing process.

A clinically proven efficacy

The laser has been clinically evaluated by the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Department of Pr D Casanova, at the University Hospital La Conception (Marseille, France).

A safe procedure

Thanks to its patented and innovative scar control system®.

A single and painless procedure:

Performed under anesthesia at the end of the surgery, it is totally painless.

Already used in plastic and cosmetic surgery, thanks to its mode of action and its security system, the laser UrgoTouch ® can also be used for other surgeries.


Laser is to stimulate the scar healing process at the very beginning

In order to quickly close the wound after an incision, the skin cells multiply and synthesize the elements that surround them, such as collagen or elastin. A new fibrous tissue is created: the scar. Any surgical incision will lead to the formation of a scar.

The UrgoTouch ® laser induces a controlled increase in skin temperature down into the dermis, that will modulate the inflammatory reaction and promote the harmonious synthesis of the collagen fibrillar network, in order to improve the scar outcome.

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