Eye bags

One of the star treatments, more asked for in our medical practise in the last few years. There are many factors that provoke the appearance of eye bags. Many patients say that their parents, siblings also have eye bags. With other patients they simply appear with age.

These days we have at our disposition hialuronic acids, specifically formed for this area, so special and delicate. Its very important to only infíltrate the indicated products in this area. The star product that we use in this area, contains not only hialuronic acid to give volume, but also vitamin B6, aminoacids and antioxidants that are microincapsulated and gradually liberated to improve the texture of the skin and to lighten the color. We place them with a very fine cannula, with only one point of entrance. This way, there is no danger for the ocular area.

By using this special compound, we fill the fold that starts near the nose and continues along the shape of the eye. This is the tear duct fold. Upon finishing, everything will be fuller and after a month, which is how long it takes the product to integrate into the tissues, the eye bag will disappear, the dip under the eye also, and the color will gradually appear clearer. When necessary, with the same product, we can hidrate the fine smile lines and then the treatment of the periocular zone is complete. We give back a relaxed and younger face, with a fresher aspect which makes you feel better.



Reduce the bags under the eyes with just one injection.

Duration of the intervention

20 minutes.


Not usually necessary, except for special cases. Check up for control after one month.


Aneasthesia cream to improve the confort of the patient.

Duration of the effect

Immediate effect, with an improvemnet of the texture of the skin from a month after. Usually repeated every 12-14 months.

Frequently asked questions

Whenever the patient requires. The majority of the patients have the treatment done every 12-14 months, although there are patients who always want to look their best and repeat every 10-12 months.

The use of hialuronic acid on the face has been known for many decades. In expert hands and with the adequate product, which is specific for the eye bags, is a treatment with few or no adverse effects.

Dra Arpino is a Plastic, Repair and Aesthetic Surgeon and therefore lawfully taught how to carry out all of the aesthetic medicine treatments with complete safety and professionality.

We use a very fine cannula and we apply aneasthetic cream to avoid any pain.

Do not touch the area during 24-48 hrs. Do not use swimming goggles for swimming. If any bruises appear, you can use make up from the day after treatment but without applying any pressure to the area.

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