Wrinkles on the forehead, between the eyebrows and crows feet

To treat the wrinkles on the forehead, between the eyebrows and the crows feet we use compounds known as mio-modulators. With small injections of these neuromio-modulators, we can achieve an open look to your eyes, a fresher aspect and the expressive wrinkles are smoothed or can even disappear.

Dra. Arpino does these treatments daily with neuromio-modulators in our clinics in Alicante and Benidorm, since 2009, making her one of the most experienced surgeons.

After an initial evaluation, we advise the patient of the most adequate treatment. In one session, we can treat the wrinkles on the forehead that are formed when we lift our eyebrows. We can also treat the wrinkes that form when we frown. Also, in the same session we can treat the wrinkles called crows feet. Adjusting to the patient and their requests, we can conserve a natural aspect or a more straight and smooth look, and also lift the tip of the eyebrow to give the eyelid a younger look. The treatment is completeley personalised, as the expressions of each patient are unique, we respect the individual characteristics, to obtain a natural look. We usually propose a retouch session, free of charge, two or three weeks after the first session, in this way, we can obtain the best result possible.


Reduction-improvement of the wrinkles on the forehead, between the eyebrows and crows feet.

Duration of the intervention

15 minutes.


: Two or three weeks later, free of charge.


Not required.

Duration of the effect

Maximum effect after three weeks. Gradual reduction of the effect. The effect begins to decrease 4 months after treatment.

Frequently asked questions

In general, The effect is at its máximum after 3 weeks. From here the body begins to generate new neurotransmissions, due to the natural celular exchange; Which means that it slowly descends until it disappears completely after four or five months approximately. The duration, is in relation with the muscular mass of each patient, so the patients who practise daily sports or competition sport, will need to repeat the treatment earlier.

The separation between each treatment, is recommended to be no less than three months. To maintain the result for a longer time, its recommended to be at least twice a year. The patients who wish to be always perfect, every three months, should have a new session.

The treatment is so famous, known and used, that it is the treatment that is most carried out in aesthetic medicine all over the world, since 30 years ago. There are no side effects when applied by Aesthetic Medicine Professionals such as Dra Arpino, with her experience of treating hundreds of cases each year, in our clinics in Alicante and Benidorm.

Dra Arpino is a Plastic, Repair and Aesthetic Surgeon and therefore lawfully taught how to carry out all of the aesthetic medicine treatments with complete safety and professionality.

We use ultra fine needles of 32g. Its not painfull, but the product can sting a little when injected. 98% of patients that we treat at Valverde&Arpino do not need anesthetic cream applied. However, if the patient prefers, we can apply a cold compress, so that the experience is the most comfortable and positive possible.

We recommend that you do not lie down in the four hours after the treatment, also not to touch the areas treated and avoid practising sports during the day of treatment.

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