Facial masculinization

The facial masculinization is a treatment that consists in adding potential to the areas of the mans face, to obtain a more masculine effect. A strong jawline, a prominant chin and defined cheekbones, are physical characteristics of the stronger bone structure in a man than in a woman, due the action of the larger proportion of testosterone in a man.

To potentialise the cheekbone area, to have a more defined jawline with sharp angles, and also have a more muscled profile, we use hialuronic acid (AH) for a more attractive chin, as used for other facial treatments, but in this case only, the hialuronic acid to be used would need to have special characteristics. As we are looking to potentiate the anatomical areas that are prominent and that are really bones, the AH needs to be stronger, more resistent and as a consequence will last longer.

Masculinización facial


Masculinize the face.

Duration of the intervention

20 minutes.


Not necessary, unless the patient requires more volume. Control check up after one month.

Type of anaesthetic

Aneasthetic cream Emla.

Duration of the effect

Maximun result is reached after 4 weeks, gradual reduction of the effect from 6-8 months after treatment.

Frequently asked questions

In general, the maximum effect from the treatment, is reached after 4 weeks. From this stage the body starts to integrate the product bit by bit, to degrade it and eliminate it, which means that, the effect descends slowly until it disappears completely at about 14 months after.

Whenever the patient needs it. The majority of patients have the treatment done once a year, although there are many patients who like to maintain the best result, without any decrease in volume, so they repeat two or three times a year.

The treatment is so famous, known and used, that it is one of the most carried out in aesthetic medicine all over the world, since 30 years ago. There are no side effects when applied by Aesthetic Medicine Professionals such as Dra Arpino, with her experience of treating hundreds of cases each year, in our clinics in Alicante and Benidorm.

Dra Arpino is a Plastic, Repair and Aesthetic Surgeon and therefore lawfully taught how to carry out all of the aesthetic medicine treatments with complete safety and professionality.

We use very fine needles and cannulas so as to avoid as much pain as possible. We also apply an aneasthetic cream when you arrive at the clinic so that it i s on for 30 mins  to achieve the maximum effect.

We recommend that you apply ice to help against inflammation during the first 24-48hrs and not to do any sports activities on the day of treatment.

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