Body Surgery treatments

Cirugia Corporal

Surgery of the abdomen

The abdominoplasty is a technique used to eliminate the excess skin and also stretch the muscles of the abdomen. We give strength to the muscles and with this appears a completely flat abdomen.


Liposculpture is a technique with which, we extract fat from the body. Using a series of cannulas, which are long hollow tubes, once having applied a saline solution with local anesthetic to the are ato be treated, we extract the fat, through in and out movements.

Arm Lift

Our skin is as firm as it can be, for the time that it can be. But afterwards, an important change in weight or simply due to age, can make it reach a point that certain areas are no longer elastic and do not retract.

Thigh lift

The upper part of the arm and the upper part of the thigh have lots in common. These are the areas where our body frequently stores excess fat, and also where our skin loses elasticity.

Lipofilling or fat fillers

Fat in plastic surgery is the most useful tissue that we have- Its tremendously versatile. It can be taken from any area where its extra and placed wherever its needed.


Lipedema is an illness, that is widely unkown to society. Its very important to talk about this, because it is an illness that has stigmatised many patients, as they blame themselves for their obesity which generates a great deal of frustration and impotence.

Calf implants

Men and women want to enhance the size of their lower legs, what we all know as calves. Men, on most occasions want to have a more masculine appearance. And women want to achieve a more symmetrical appearance of the legs.

Case gallery

Here we leave you a gallery of cases that we have treated in our clinic. They belong to several modalities. Study which of them you need, consult the same (or similar) cases. We will be happy to advise you.

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