Hydration and rejuvenization of the face, neck, cleavage and hands

As the years pass and we start to age, our skin is not capable to retain the water, the juiciness and the beauty of young skin. The production of a series of proteins that retain water in the skin, begin to reduce from 35 years of age, and will be more evident as we reach 50. A Young skin, is a healthy, juicy, hidrated skin.

The latest creams, help to maintain the sensation of superficial hidration, but they are of no use when they dont reach the deeper skin, the dermis. This is why its necessary to use creams to hidrate, both on the morning and evening, but with the knowledge that the only thing we achieve, is the sensation that the skin is hydrated, but really we are not reaching the dermis.

The introduction, using small deposits of a special hialuronic acid that also contains vitamins, aminoacids and antioxidants, in the deeper level of the skin or dermis, lets us be able to give the skin, what it is uncapable of producing itself. We stimulate the retention of water and the production of collagen and elastane to return the elasticity and firmness to the skin. Today these treatments are known as Skinboosters or skin potentialisers.

The hydration treatment serves for four areas. Face, neck, cleavage and hands. The face is important, but the neck is fundamental, and with age the cleavage fills with wrinkles that are impossible to remove if you havent worked on them years before they would appear. With the hands we achieve a young aspect to such fine skin that is so exposed to external agressions.


Hidrate face/neck/cleavage and hands.

Duration of the intervention

20 minutes.


We recommend two sessions to begin with then follow up sessions every six months.


Aneasthetic cream.

Duration of the effect

Maximum effect after 2 weeks. Gradual decrease of the effect, which can be prolonged with the use of certain serums to stimulate the hialuronic acid.

Frequently asked questions

In general, the effect of the treatment is at its maximum, after 2-4 weeks. From then onwards, the body starts to retain water in the dermis, which gives the effect that it slowly decreases until the effect completely disappears about six months later.

Whenever the patient needs it. The majority of patients have the treatment done evety 4-6 months, although there are many patients who like to maintain the best result, so they repeat every 3 months.

The treatment is so famous, known and used, that it is one of the most carried out in aesthetic medicine all over the world, since 30 years ago. There are no side effects when applied by Aesthetic Medicine Professionals such as Dra Arpino, with her experience of treating hundreds of cases each year, in our clinics in Alicante and Benidorm.

Dra Arpino is a Plastic, Repair and Aesthetic Surgeon and therefore lawfully taught how to carry out all of the aesthetic medicine treatments with complete safety and professionality.

We use injections of 30g, which are the smallest that exist and is not painfull, we apply aneasthetic cream beforehand.

We recommend that you do not use make-up, for women, on the same day of treatment and also avoid facial cleansers for at least two weeks after the treatment.

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