Earlobe surgery

The use of large or heavy earrings can as time passes, stretch the hole where the earring goes, and end up breaking the earlobe, either slightly or even completely.

Under local anesthetic and in our clinic, we reconstruct the torn earlobe. We reunite what the earring has broken. Its done in 15 minutes and the stitches removed two weeks later.

Some patients look for a reduction of the earlobes as they feel they are too big. This can also be treated in the same way as a torn earlobe.


Reconstruct the ear or reduce the volume of the earlobes.

Type of Anesthesia

Local Anesthesia.

Side Effects

Itchiness, swelling, redness.


Not required. This is done in our consultation clinic.

Duration of the results

Permanant for the reduction of the earlobes. For the torn earlobes, if you still use heavy earrings, it can happen again.

Duration of the intervention

30 minutes.



Frequent questions

One week after the intervention.

Immediately, always avoiding the areas getting wet.

There will be scars but they become imperceptible.

You only need to care for the wounds as we indicate.

It tends to be an operation done to adults, although the use of piercings and ear dilators, means that the patients are alot younger who have this intervention.

Primera Consulta

Your first consultation

Your first consultation, is free and non compromisal, you will speak with our doctors. They will do a short study of your general health, you can explain what kind of result you are looking for. They will explain the surgical technique, the risks, the benefits and the costs. This consultation can be in person or by video phonecall. You will never feel obliged, nor pressured to fulfill the surgery after this informative consultation. Our team of surgeons will be happy to respond any question asked.

Dia de la cirugia

The day of surgery

The torn earlobe surgery is a treatment that is done in our consultation clinic and consists in removing the skin from the eyelet of the ear, which has formed from the use of heavy or large earrings. With local anesthesia, we reconstruct and close this eyelet. We stitch the wound with stitches that will fall out by themselves. We need 15 minutes to stitch the torn earlobe and its very frequent that both earlobes are done at the same time, although on occasions there is only one earlobe affected. Once we have finished the surgery, your surgeon will explain what you need to do. Its not necessary for you to take any antibiotics nor any painkillers. They will also explain what to do with the dressings and how to keep the wound dry. You will be given a telephone number to be able to contact us at any time whenever you need us, also in English.

En tu casa

At home

You will return to normal life, immediately.


Check ups

All of the revisions until given the all clear are included in the quote given. The patients have their first revisión 48-72 hrs after having left the hospital. The next visit is one week after surgery, then at 2 weeks, one month, 3 months and six months, plus any other time needed until given the all clear. All of the check ups and cures are done by our plastic surgeons. Dedicating all of the time necessary to make you feel looked after and guided at all times. You will be given a telephone number to be able to contact us at any time whenever you need us, also in English. In the case that the patient is from a foreign country, the frequency of the check ups, are exactly the same, but obviously needed to be done telematically.

¿Why Valverde & Arpino?

All plastic surgery is destined to improve how the patient sees themselves. The patients will feel better, after seeing the improvement. It will lift their self-esteem. Their self-confidence also. If you feel better about yourself, others will notice this and you will enter a positive spiral to want to look after yoursel more, to be healthier. All this results in a greater mental health. After many years and thousands of patients, we can say, that this will also happen with you.

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