On many occasions regardless of how much exercise or dieting, we just cant achieve removing the fat in certain parts of our body, which we dont like. Its frustrating and disappointing all of the effort given, to fat that no matter what you do, it wont go.Its with these cases that liposuction will help you.

Liposuction is a frequent surgery, that permits modifying the shape of our hips, sides, thighs, abdomen, arms, knees, calves.Almost any area is susceptible to be treated with liposuction. If it is done in various areas it is then a liposculpture.

Liposculpture is a technique with which, we extract fat from the body. Using a series of cannulas , which are long hollow tubes of 3.4 or 5mm, once having applied a saline solution with local anesthetic to the area to be treated, we extract the fat, through in and out movements. These cannulas are attached to a suction so that it literally sucks the fat out. This results in being able to see the fat going out through the tube to the lipo-suctor.

Previously to this extraction we can carry out a treatment of ultrasound so as to help the fat removal be easier, and for some patients and in certain areas, this can be very useful to generate lines on crests, that favour the appearance of lines son the abdominal muscles, the alba line and of the inguinal ligaments.



Improve the body contours by eliminating the fat deposits.

Type of Anesthesia

Local with sedation or general.

Side effects

Temporary pain, swelling, numb sensation, bruising.



Duration of the results

Permanent, with stable weight after surgery.

Duration of the intervention

Varied. Depending on the extensión of the surgery. In general, 1-2 hours or more.


Normally outpatient. If we need to remove a lot of volume, then a one nights stay is recommended, in recuperation.


3-7 days. Intense activity: 2-4 weeks.

Final results

3 months.

Frequently asked questions about Liposuction

We do not recommend this surgery to anyone looking to loose weight. If the patient is obese or overweight, its better to loose weight before. Neither is it recommended to carry out Liposuction nor Liposculpture to patients with a great amount of loose skin. For these cases we would recommend a surgery where, apart from removing the extra fat, we would also remove the extra skin which is then an Abdominoplasty, if needed on the abdomen. If you are obese or overweight and have certain areas that you dont like, you can be treated with liposuction, but not for excess weight.

Any surgical intervention has risks. Our surgeons will explain to each patient in their case, but at this moment with the technology and techniques applied, the liposuction is a routine surgery with very few incidents of complications. The realisation of a surgery with official titled plastic surgeons with decades of experience and hundreds of surgeries completed, the realisation of the surgery being carried out in a first level prívate hospital. The use of medication to avoid infections for example, means that the only complications are usually; slight bruising, parcial numbness to certain areas of the skin, the uncomfortableness of the support girth that needs to be worn after surgery or swelling. You can always ask your plastic surgeon any questions at any time and our surgeons will be happy to resolve any doubts that may arise.

In principal, any area of the body that has fat, can be treated with Liposuction. Abdomen, hips, thighs, arms, neck, knees, back etc etc.

The Liposuction extracts the fat that is resistant to diets and exercise, or simply the fat that you want removed. But its also true that if you lead a healthy lifestyle and dont put on weight, this will make the result permanent.

Depending on the number of areas to be treated and the volume planned to be extracted, from 30 minutes to 4-5 hours.

Liposuction tends to be an outpatient surgery, unless the volume to be extracted requires one night stay for safety. We will let you know, what and why, from your first informative visit. There are other cases that also need a 24 hr stay in the hospital.

If it is a small or médium Liposuction you can return to work 24 or 48 hours after the surgery. If its a larger Liposuction we recommend that you rest for a week.

All that is necessary to reach the the best result, but with total security we can say that the limit would be 5 litres of fat, depending on many factors. The amount of fat to extract can be organised with your plastic surgeon and they will explain how much and what areas.

Yes. The corset helps to see the results much quicker. Plus it reduces the swelling and helps for less bruising. We recommend that you wear it for 4-6 weeks.

After the liposuction there is swelling and bruising. After one month you will begin to see results, completion in 3 months.

Its uncomfortable, and slightly painfull, although the major amount of patients say that it feels like more of an ache. With painkillers that you will be precribed you will not have any pain.

The scars from a liposuction are mínimum and imperceptible after a couple of weeks, as they are very small, only a couple of milimetres.

The liposuction surgery or liposculpture can improve cellulite temporarily, but not remove completely. It is not a surgery to eliminate cellulite.

In general we recommend that any surgical intervention be done from 18 years of age. In some cases, depending on thepsychological impact that can provoke a corporal asymmetry, for example. We can do the surgery from 16 years of age with the parental consent of one parent or tutor.

Primera Consulta

Your first consultation

Your first consultation, is free and non compromisal, you will speak with our doctors. They will do a short study of your general health, you can explain what kind of result you are looking for, which areas you would like to improve. They will explain the surgical technique, the risks, the benefits and the costs. This consultation can be in person or by video phonecall. You will never feel obliged, nor pressured to fulfill the surgery after this informative consultation. Our team of surgeons will be happy to respond any question asked.

Dia de la cirugia

The day of surgery

The liposuction is a surgery performed under general anesthetic, and requires a one nights stay in the hospital, if various areas are to be treated or the volume of fat being extracted recommends this. Your surgeon will have explained by now in extreme detail the reasons for you having to stay in the hospital or not. You will be given your room upon arrival and then be taken to the operating theatre, where our doctors will see you and answer any last minute questions. You will meet the rest of the operating team, nurses, helpers etc. A video and photographs will be taken, so as to have the before surgery images. They will also mark the areas to be treated. They will explain again where the incisions will take place. The incisions will be done at the areas to be treated. They will filter, on each area, a liquid of general anesthetic and adrenalin so as to form at least amount of bruising possible. Through an in-out movement with a cannula connected to a liposuctor, the fat is extracted in small amounts. Once finished this area, the incision of 5-6mm is closed with a stitch to be removed two weeks later by your surgeon in our clinic. If your surgery is outpatient, afterwards you will be discharged. If you require a nights stay you will be taken to your room for the following 24 hours.

En tu casa

At home

You will be accompanied by our team at all times during your recuperation. You will be given a support girth/corset whilst in the operating theatre, which must be worn for several weeks. (Needing to be washed and changed). You will take antibiotics and pain killers. Its normal that slight bruising may appear but it will fade with the recommendations that you will be given. You should walk about in your house, drink lots of wáter and eat healthily. Our surgeons will let you know when you can return to work. Also, when you can begin to exercise or drive. Its best that you dont drink alcohol nor smoke during a few weeks post surgery, as tobacco slows the healing process. The bruises and swelling, will ease and after a few weeks you will see the results.


Check ups

All of the revisions until given the all clear are included in the quote given. The patients have their first revisión 48-72 hrs after having left the hospital. The next visit is one week after surgery, then at 2 weeks, one month, 3 months and six months, plus any other time needed until given the all clear. All of the check ups and cures are done by our plastic surgeons. Dedicating all of the time necessary to make you feel looked after and guided at all times. You will be given a telephone number to be able to contact us at any time whenever you need us, also in English. In the case that the patient is from a foreign country, the frequency of the check ups, are exactly the same, but obviously needed to be done telematically.

¿Why Valverde & Arpino?

All plastic surgery is destined to improve how the patient sees themselves. The patients will feel better, after seeing the improvement. It will lift their self-esteem. Their self-confidence also. If you feel better about yourself, others will notice this and you will enter a positive spiral to want to look after yoursel more, to be healthier. All this results in a greater mental health. After many years and thousands of patients, we can say, that this will also happen with you.

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