Lips: Hidrate, enlarge and correct the gingival smile

The lip enlargement is a classic treatment in the practise of aesthetic medicine. Through a series of mini injections of hialuronic acid, a natural component in our body, improves the shape of the lips, giving the desired volume.

We can treat the upper lip, the lower lip or both, in the same treatment, with the tastes and preferences of the patient, determins how to choose the volume to be injected.

There is another way to treat the lips, which consists in, not giving more volume, but to enhance the juiciness, the hidration. Its a very discreet way to improve the lips, but very satisfactory, without giving volume, they become younger, juicier. Today many patients ask for this: recuperate this aspect but without attracting attention.

At the same time, there is another option that consists in eliminating the wrinkles above the upper lip, also coloquially called, bar code. Consult Dra Arpino for all of the options available to improve the area of the lips.

On other occasions, patients come to us because when they smile, they show too much of their teeth, they can even say that you can see too much of the gums. This is called Gingival Smile. To expose the teeth and gums too much can generate social discomfort, which means that the treatment, not only improves the aesthetic aspect of the patient, but also gives them more security and trust when it comes to relating.


Lip enlargement, improve the hidration, reduce the bar code.

Duration of the intervention

20 minutes.


: A check up for control after one month has passed.


Anesthetic cream or truncal anesthesia so that the experience is the most comfortable and positive possible.

Duration of the effect

The definite effect is achieved after 3 weeks. Gradual reduction of the effect from 6 months after. Smokers will absorb the product much quicker. A maintenance session is recommended between 6-12 months after the treatment.

Frequently asked questions

Whenever the patient requires. The majority of the patients have the treatment done every six months, although there are patients who always want to look their best, not to lose any volume and repeat every 3-4 months.

The treatment is so famous, known and used, that it is one of the most carried out in aesthetic medicine all over the world, since 30 years ago. There are no side effects when applied by Aesthetic Medicine Professionals such as Dra Arpino, with her experience of treating hundreds of cases each year, in our clinics in Alicante and Benidorm.

Dra Arpino is a Plastic, Repair and Aesthetic Surgeon and therefore lawfully taught how to carry out all of the aesthetic medicine treatments with complete safety and professionality.

We use needles of 30g, which are the smallest that exist. Its not painfull as we apply an aneasthetic cream or use truncal aneasthesia.

The lips can be inflamed after the treatment, which is why we recommend the you apply ice to lower the swelling, for the first 24-48 hrs. The ideal result will be obtained one to two weeks after the treatment.

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