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Full Face Rejuvenation

The ageing process of the face is complex. There are many structures that intervene. Such as the skin, the muscles, sun damage or from smoking. Although the most evident is that wrinkles appear on the skin…

Wrinkles on the forehead, between the eyebrows and crows feet

With small injections of these neuromio-modulators, we can achieve an open look to your eyes, a fresher aspect and the expressive wrinkles are smoothed or can even disappear.


Patients who come to our consultation asking to improve the appearance of their lips do so for several reasons: The first and most frequent is their volume. These are patients whose lips look flat, with little volume...

Eye bags

Today we have hyaluronic acids available, formulated specifically for this special and delicate area. And it is very important that only products indicated for this area are infiltrated.

Facial masculinization

The facial masculinization is a treatment that consists in adding potential to the areas of the mans face, to obtain a more masculine effect.

Hydration and rejuvenization of the face, neck, cleavage and hands

As the years pass and we start to age, our skin is not capable to retain the water, the juiciness and the beauty of young skin. The production of a series of proteins that retain water in the skin, begin to reduce from 35 years of age, and will be more evident as we reach 50. A Young skin, is a healthy, juicy, hidrated skin.

Facial Redensification

The facial redensification is a treatment of facial rejuvenation which aims to prevent the ageing of the skin, generating elasticity, hidration and light to the skin.

Case gallery

Here you have the gallery of aesthetic medicine cases and treatments. Study which of them you need, consult similar cases. We will be happy to advise you.

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