Dra Alessia Arpino

Plastic Surgeon and Aesthetic Doctor

I find beautyin naturalness

Licenced in Medicine by the University of Rome, with honors, and specialist in Plastic, Repair and Aesthetic Surgery by the University of Tor Vergatta, in 2007.

In 2007 she did her first interchange from the Unversity of Rome, to the Clinica Planas in Barcelona, to be formed exclusively in Aesthetic Surgery. During her stay she focused her studies on Aesthetic Breast Surgery and corporal contours, with Dr. Carbonell, Dr. Bisbal and Dr. Del Cacho, Dr. Masia and the Dres. Planas, such as use of lasers and injectables. After her time in Barcelona, she was very fortunate to be able to join the team of Dr.Tejerina in the Hospital Clinic in Valencia where she learned from one of the best surgeons in this country.

Since then, she dedicates herself, body and soul to all the treatments that are minimally invasive to improve our faces and our bodies, being an expert in the use of facial muscular biomodulaters and facial fillers. The introduction of the MD codes in our daily practise ,shows results that before were unthinkable and are now a reality.

The modification of the volume in distinct concrete points following the criteria of Dr. De Mayo, from Brasil, have revolutionised the practice of aesthetic medicine and we are proud to be able to give this experience to our patients. More than 5000 treatments in aesthetic medicine shows our experience.

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Dra Alessia Arpino


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