Breast Surgery Treatments

Cirugia Mamaria

Breast enlargements

Breast augmentation is the surgery for which women most frequently consult us. In our clinic we are proud of our results, we are leaders in breast surgery.

Breast reduction

Many patients come to our consultation because they have large breasts. These are patients who sometimes present pain in both the back and the neck. Other times, the size of their breasts is bothersome for them to exercise daily.

Breast lift

Women want a natural appearance in breast surgery, and breast lift or mastopexy is no exception. It consists of lifting and repositioning the breast tissue, redistributing it and eliminating excess skin.

Tuberous breasts

Some patients come to the consultation because they have small breasts or because of asymmetry, this is what is called “tube breasts”. When carrying out the ordinary examination, we observe that they present a very particular characteristic, more common than we believe.

Change of Implants

As the years pass after a surgery where an implant has been used, means that inevitably, at some momento in the patients life, they will need a new surgical intervention. The first cause of an implant change, and the most frequent, is due to a breakage or fault of the outer area of the implant.


Male breast growth normally occurs during puberty. This growth can cause, in adolescents for example, emotional and psychological problems due to discomfort or aesthetic concern.

Case gallery

Here you have the gallery of cases and treatments that we have successfully performed in our clinic. Yours can be one of them if you consider you need it. We will be happy to advise you on whatever you consider.

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