My doctor did too much. I regret this

Secondary mammary surgery is in our practise clinic, one of the pathologies that is growing more frecuent than others. Patients who have had problems, those who are not happy with the result. They have too much. The implants are uncomfortable. The doctor gave them implants too large! The too much is the problem. As usual. Not liked, tires too much.

In this case, I present you today thats exactly what happened. A patient who went to her surgeon for larger breasts, that in time she deeply regretted.

After a very long talk with the patient, looking for the best solution, she
herself came to the conclusion, that the best thing to do would be to remove the implants and do a breast lift. The implants were in perfect condition. No problem with the toleration of the surrounding tissues. Even so, the patient wanted them removed and at her latest check up she was very satisfied with her decision. As were we with being able to help her.

Cirugía mamaria secundaria Cirugía mamaria secundaria
Cirugía mamaria secundaria Cirugía mamaria secundaria
Cirugía mamaria secundaria Cirugía mamaria secundaria

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