Threads to tighten the skin

Many of our patients are people who come to the consultancy with flaccidity of the skin. They start to notice it even before they turn 40 and it is evident at 50. But they are people who do not have an important excess of skin. They are not candidates for surgery. Firstly because they don’t need it, but above all, because they desire something that improves them, that makes them feel better, without the need to enter an operating theatre or to suffer a recuperation that is always uncomfortable.

We can tighten the skin and achieve the desired effect with the Shilhouette-soft threads With local anaesthetic and in the consultation, we improve the profile of the face. We manage to elevate the tissues. But additionally, these threads include a composite which is polylactic acid whose mission is to regenerate the skin, which means that in just one treatment and just one 30-minute session we elevate the tissues and rejuvenate them.

With this treatment we can:

  1. Redefine the cheeks and cheekbones so that they have a fuller appearance.
  2. Attenuate or smooth the Nasogenian furrow.
  3. Tighten and give firmness to the neck.
  4. Amplify your look by lifting your eyebrows.

Duration of the treatment

About 30 minutes. Depending on the number of areas to be treated, but generally 30 minutes.

Side effects

Transitory inflammation.

Type of anaesthetic

Anaesthetic cream. Local Anaesthesia.

Duration of result

About 18 months.

Frequent questions

These are treatments that do not provoke swelling of the face. Maybe a bruise which can be concealed with a bit of makeup. Additionally, we will apply cold presses so that you leave the consultancy with the least inflammation possible.

Immediately, although after a week is when the first evaluation should be made. Afterwards, bit by bit, the polylactic acid starts to work, which means that after the treatment you will see a gradual improvement.

Not in our hands. With topical anaesthetic you will not feel a thing.

We recommend sun protection in case there is any bruising.

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