Skin cancer

Skin Cancer is an uncontrolled growth of one or more layers of the skin. It is the most common form of cancer in Europe. It is so common, that almost everyone will have some form of skin cancer during their life.

The earlier the age in which it is detected, greater is the risk to have multiple skin cancers during a lifespan. The main cause is the prolonged and/or intermittent overexposure to ultraviolet radiation of the sun. Most of these skin cancers appear in parts of the body that have not been protected from the sun exposure, such as the face or the nose. The removal of skin cancer from the nose is changing because there is normally an insufficient laxity of the skin to allow a simple closure of the wound.

The carcinoma of basal cells is the most common type of skin cancer. But there are others. Please, contact Doctors Valverde and Arpino with other questions.

An early action is essential to prevent the extension of cancer.

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