Rejuvenation of hands

Very often we hear patients saying how good they are and feel but immediately afterwards tell us: “my hands overtake my age”. This worries many people.

There are various characteristics of age and they present different levels. Most patients do not like that the tendons and the veins of their hands are dramatically marked. This is due to the loss of subcutaneous mass and flaccid skin.


Rejuvenation of the hands through a graft of fat from other areas of the body. This can also be performed with other synthetic products from the laboratory such as hyaluronic acid.

Type of anaesthetic

Local with sedation.

Side effects

Pain in the donating area.

Duration of result

The result achieved can last years or even forever.

Duration of the treatment

2 hours.


Normally outpatient


Return to work in 1 day. Back to regular activity in one day.

Frequent questions

Logically it depends on the type of work the patient has. A job that requires a lot of physical effort is not the same as another that is being sat in front of a computer nearly all day. If you have to strain yourself in your job, we recommend at least 15 days rest and if you are a person with less strain in your work, 7 days should be sufficient.

You can go to the beach or the pool from the moment that the wounds are completely closed which is usually within two weeks

You can exercise and lift weight a month after the surgery.

When you leave the operating theatre, you will be wearing a compressive corset which allows the inflammation to reduce and the body to heal well from that moment on. From the third/fourth day you can shower normally.

You can go out in the sun after we have removed the stitches which is usually after two weeks if and when, any bruises that have come out have disappeared. If you are going to the beach you have to wear 50+ sun protection on the small scars of the liposuction.

You can travel perfectly on an aeroplane after the surgery.

We recommend that you wear a compressive corset after the surgery in the area where we have performed the liposuction or taken the graft. It improves the result and reduces certain complications such as a seroma, bruises, inflammation. It also allows the tissues to heal better.

We will show you photographs from previous cases so that you can get a more detailed idea of the final result.

After the surgery you will be irritated. It will not be pain, but irritation. You will have the sensation of aching, stiffness and some pressure. You will take medication for the pain which means that you will have more irritation at bed time, due to the bandage, the antibiotic etc. which will provoke discomfort more than pain.

The scar of a liposuction and posterior infiltration are minimal. They are usually very few millimetres in length so with time, are almost completely imperceptible. However, multiple treatments exist which improve the final result of scars such as silicon patches, rosehip oil, creams, laser, etc. etc.

You should avoid taking aspirin or any other medication which provokes anticoagulation. Let us know if you usually take vitamin supplements or medicinal plants. Some make the blood coagulate more slowly.

In general, we recommend any surgical intervention from 18 years and over, in some cases, such as facial or body asymmetries and due to the psychological effects, it has or may have, we can indicate this surgery from 16 years on, always with the authorisation of a parent or tutor.

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