Do you know what a peeling treatment is?

By means of a liquid compound deposited on the skin, what we achieve is to eliminate the most superficial layers of it. We exfoliate the skin in a chemical way, controlled by a plastic surgeon, to eliminate wrinkles and spots.

But this treatment goes further. In addition, the appearance of the resulting skin is better. You will get a much more uniform skin, rosier, with more shine, because it renews the skin matrix that is the sustenance of the skin.

It is a treatment indicated especially for those patients who have not taken care of their skin with the sun, who have spots.

It is also very useful in patients with acne or with acne marks. Improves fine wrinkles, open pores etc. It is renewing the skin and appearing completely new skin.

Duration of the treatment

About 20 from start to finish. The product is only on the skin a few minutes.

Side effects

Stinging, temporary redness.

Type of anaesthetic

Not required.

Duration of result

Various months. Depending on the type of peeling used and the care after the treatment. We will advise which the best is for you and the approximate time of effect in each case.

Frequent questions

The peeling treatment is a treatment which should be carried out in winter, because the number of hours of sunlight and its strength are much less. You should use sun protection even in the winter.

You can repeat the treatment. In some cases, we recommend at least three sessions in order to obtain a good result. You will have to wait between two and four weeks before the next treatment, depending on the intensity of the proposed peeling.

You will notice stinging during the treatment. We will reduce it tremendously by applying air. When we finish the desired effect we neutralise the product and the stinging will disappear.

You can wear make-up 48 hours after the treatment.

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