I dont want these breasts. Explant pexia from severe capsular contracture.

In the past few years a lot of patients are coming to us who have had a breast enlargement, about 20-30 years ago or even more and they come because their breasts are becoming progressively harder.

This hardness of the breasts, is due to various factors, some are very complex, but to simplify lets say, that the more years the implants are left in, the body begins to react to them, sometimes, not in all cases, making the scar tissue that surrounds them fill with a very hard tissue.

This tissue, can deform the implant. It can, in the worst cases, give occasional or constant pain. The result is a daily uncomfortable ache. Painful enough to make you not be able to sleep.

In these cases, there are various options. The first is to change the implants, the second, remove them but not replace them. These patients, tend to be older and they say that they dont want this chest at all. They say they are tired of these “two horrible balls” and at their age “they dont have to show off anything”. Which we respect.

So, the treatment of these cases, consists in completely cleaning whats inside and reconstruct what is left. From removing the implants, there is a lot of excess skin which should also be removed and with the remnants of the gland create a completely new breast. Yes, effectively. They will be smaller (this must be previously explained) but this is exactly what the patient wanted.

Explante mamario Explante mamario
Explante mamario Explante mamario
Explante mamario Explante mamario

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