Facial rejuvenation with own fat

With age, the facial oval reduces in size. The bones stay the same size but the cheeks, chin, jaw and forehead, etc. diminish the size.

The fat, the muscle and the tissues waste away which provokes flaccidity of the aged skin. As the support for the skin disappears, the skin creates wrinkles and creases.

As the cheeks reduce, the bags under the eyes are made more prominent. The plenitude of youth in the forehead and the upper part of the eye, dissipates leaving a bag of skin.

The shrinking of the subcutaneous tissues is the first demonstration of age. An obvious method of facial rejuvenation is the substitution of the atrophied tissue.

Enhancing the structure of the forehead, cheeks, mouth, chin and jawline, re-establishes the plenitude of youth.


Enhancement of the malar area through an injection of fat taken from other areas of the body.

Type of anaesthetic

Local and sedation.

Side effects

Irregularities of the contour.

Duration of result

The achieved result can last for years or forever.

Duration of the treatment

Variable. 1-2 hours, depending on the quantity of fat used.


Normally outpatient


Return to work in 1-2 days. Return to regular activity in a week.

SNIF o Sharp Needle Intradermal Fat Grafting
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