Facial Flaccidity – Liquid Lifting

We can rejuvenate the volumes of the face with hyaluronic acid. This excellent treatment also improves the strength and vitality of the skin. But, how can we also improve the skin without surgery? How can we give tension to the skin? How can we make the skin have more support?

Thanks to science, we have a series of treatments such as Sculptra www.sculptraaesthetic.com , which is a polylactic acid, which, when injected into the skin, gradually gives a younger appearance. Sculptra makes your body capable of replacing the lost collagen because it stimulates your skin in such a way that the results can last up to two years.

Without a doubt, a global rejuvenation of the skin without entering an operating theatre.

Duration of the treatment

45 minutes (including the waiting time of the anaesthetic).

Side effects

Maybe a temporary bruise in the injection point.

Type of anaesthetic

We use an anaesthetic cream ( Emla) on the skin so that the patients do not feel anything and who’s maximum anaesthetic effects are achieved 30 minutes after application.

Duration of result

Two years.

Frequent questions

These are treatments that do not provoke swelling of the face. Additionally, we will apply cold presses so that you leave the consultancy with the least inflammation possible.

You will immediately see an improvement because the product is reconstituted with water and the skin will look tenser. This injected water disappears after 24 hours and the following day is when the product starts to work on your skin. It stimulates the cells which produce the effects two weeks after the first infiltration. Three sessions are required to see the final result.

Not in our hands. With topical anaesthetic you will not feel a thing.

We recommend sun protection after the treatment.

The recommended treatment consists of three sessions each spaced by a month. After two years, if you would like to maintain the result you can repeat the treatment although one recapitulation session is usually enough.

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