Expression lines

What are the wrinkles of expression? The forehead, crow’s feet, and between the eyebrows are areas that are well known for having wrinkles. The passing of time, the sun and above all the repeated expressions over the years of surprise (lifting of the forehead) or of concentration (between the eyebrows) or from laughing (crow’s feet) or simply from talking, or gesturing, make these areas especially sensitive to wrinkles.

Science, a long time ago, gave us the answer. The treatment that halts the appearance of these wrinkles, smoothing them and making sure that they do not advance. This is the most important thing. That people see us better, fresher, younger for longer, without modifying our expressivity, without changing our naturalness. We rejuvenate your look.

Through small injections, that you can hardly feel because the needle is very fine, Dr. Arpino deposits small quantities of Botox (botulinum toxin) in the muscles of the facial expressions to smooth them and to avoid the undesired wrinkles. Immediately after the treatment you can return to work or home, without anyone noticing that you have had treatment with us.

Duration of the treatment

15 minutes.

Side effects

Possible bruising at the point of injection.

Type of anaesthetic

It is pain free. Generally, patients do not need anaesthetic. We can use anaesthetic cream on the skin.

Duration of result

Generally, four to six months.

Frequent questions

After the treatment you can carry on with normal life. We do not recommend that you lie down or go to the gymnasium during the four hours that follow the treatment. Nor should you go in the sauna in these first hours. Avoid going to the theatre or cinema or meeting a friend who will make you laugh during the first few hours as you have to avoid the product moving from where it has been deposited.

We are certain that you will want to repeat the treatment. You will see an improvement in yourself afterwards and if the result maintains as time passes and you have more treatments, each time the wrinkles will be smoother, your forehead, between your eyebrows and the crow’s feet will be better every time. However, you shouldn’t carry out the treatment more than twice a year. Every six months. Many of our patients come before summer and before Christmas. This way they perpetuate the result and are always good.

Nothing serious will happen. if you don’t respect the intervals of the treatment antibodies can be produced in such a way, that each time, the duration of the effects is less as the body acts as if it is “refusing” the product.

After the treatment we do not recommend it. You can the following day if you wish.

The effects start approximately on the fourth day.

Generally, not, but it is possible that some appear. With a bit of makeup, you can camouflage them and they are tolerable.

Indeed. There are various types of botulinum toxin on the market. But for now, only one is authorised for its cosmetic use and it is called Vistabel, commercialised by the Allergan laboratory. Demand this product. Demand that they open it in front of you.

People will see you looking fresher. Younger. As if you have returned from a good holiday. You will not look strange or operated at all. Not in our consultation. We will assess you so that you obtain the exact result that you are looking for but we personally like naturalness and simplicity.

These are treatments that do not provoke swelling of the face.

It is not even necessary to use anaesthetic cream. It practically does not hurt at all.

We recommend sun protection during the first few days.

There is no problem. It can be perfectly combined with other treatments.

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