Enhancement of the Labia Majora

Some women suffer lack of plenitude in the labia majora with age or after childbirth. A combination of the lack of labia majora and a prominent clitoris creates a protruding area. The loss of volume in the labia majora is associated with age and can cause lack of self-esteem and insecurity.

This can be improved through microinjections of fat or through infiltrations of permanent or semi-permanent fillers.


Enhancement of the labia majora with fat or fillers.

Type of anaesthetic

Local anaesthesia with mild sedation. If using fillers, anaesthetic cream.

Side effects

Temporary pain, swelling during the recuperation time.

Duration of result


Duration of the treatment

30 minutes.




Return to work in 3-4 days. Resume sexual activity in 2 weeks.

Frequent questions

Logically it depends on the type of work the patient has. Generally, one week of rest is usually sufficient. It also depends on the physical strain that your job requires. If it is a lot, fifteen days may be necessary.

You can go to the beach or the pool from the moment that the wounds are completely closed which is usually within two weeks

You can exercise and lift weight a month after the surgery.

You can shower immediately. You should be thorough with personal hygiene.


You can travel perfectly on an aeroplane after the surgery.

We will show you photographs from previous cases so that you can get a more detailed idea of the final result.

After the surgery you will be irritated. You should cleanse each time you use the bathroom. You will take medication for the pain which means that you will have more irritation at bed time, when wearing tight clothes, the antibiotic etc. more than pain, which will provoke discomfort.

The scars of a labia majora reduction with the passing of time are imperceptible. However, multiple treatments exist which improve the final result of scars such as silicon patches, rosehip oil, creams, laser, etc. etc.

You should avoid taking aspirin or any other medication which provokes anticoagulation. Let us know if you usually take vitamin supplements or medicinal plants. Some make the blood coagulate more slowly.

In general, we recommend any surgical intervention from 18 years and over, in some cases, such as gluteal asymmetries and due to the psychological effects, it has or may have, we can indicate this surgery from 16 years on, always with the authorisation of a parent or tutor.

Nothing. You will just have to be more hygienic that usual.

We recommend that you refrain from sexual relations for at least two weeks.

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