Breast reconstruction

The results of breast reconstruction have remarkably improved in the last 10 years. There now exists many types of interventions to reconstruct the breast after a partial or radical mastectomy. Each procedure associates itself with the potential complications and it is here where the careful evaluation of the patient is necessary to choose the correct procedure. The breast reconstruction requires hospitalisation of 7 days. The post operatory recuperation is usually 3 to 8 weeks.

The loss of a breast due to cancer is unpleasant and sometimes a devastating experience in the life of a woman. Current techniques allow us to, in nearly all cases, return the sensation of plenitude, femininity and sexuality, also improving the quality of life.

The Breast reconstruction is superior to the external breast prosthesis. The reconstructed breast, is part of you! You do not have to remember the loss of a breast every time you withdraw a prosthesis. Additionally, you will no longer be so limited in your options of wardrobe or activities due to fear that the prosthesis moves or becomes visible.

There are many different interventions of breast reconstruction. The best for you, depends on the type of surgery that has been performed on your chest, characteristics of localisation and size of the breast cancer that you have suffered and of your personal preferences of each one of the procedures.

You should decide upon the reconstruction once you have received the complete information regarding all of the alternatives. Remember that you will spend the rest of your life with your new breast.

Dr. Valverde and Dra. Arpino will revise all of the information regarding your mastectomy and evolution of the breast and they will discuss the available options and recommend the most adequate for your reconstruction.

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