8-point lift or lifting without surgery

8-point lift

The 8-point lift or lifting without surgery is a technique which gives me great satisfaction as a surgeon and I want to share it with you.

On many, many occasions, women come to our consultancy and want to do something to their face. They want to see themselves better but they don’t want to hear about surgery.
They want to improve all of their face. Many times, when I ask them before starting to analyse which areas bother them the most, they all answer: All of them! What they are looking for is a lift.

They want their features to look younger and therefore want to improve the cheekbones, the wrinkles, the tightness of the face, lift what has fallen. And precisely for this mission we have the 8-point lift. They are the key points of the face where the patients should be treat and can vary from one patient to another depending above all, on their age.

What does the 8-point lift treatment consist of?

The first thing we have to do is study the patient. We have to see the patient stood up. In this position we can see the signs of ageing clearly. Malar atrophy, the temples etc. In general, there are anchor structure points such as ligaments or areas that wrinkles attack such as commissures or hollows.

Evidently, younger patients will need less infiltration points or less quantity of filler, which is why the prior study is fundamental when focusing on our objectives
After this we disinfect the area and we apply anaesthetic cream. When it takes effect, we start to infiltrate hyaluronic acid in the proposed area. We can do it with a needle or blunt tip cannula. Depending on the area to be treated, the cannula is better as there is less probability of making a small bruise, but there are areas that require more precision and therefore better to use a fine needle, as with the lips for example.

After the treatment we slowly massage the treated area and we disinfect again. The treatment can be carried out in approximately 20 minutes.

The result is immediate. It is surprising what can be done with hyaluronic acid from Allergan. The composites which we currently have available to us are not only capable of giving volume but also allow us to mould the tissues, smoothly elevate them, give support to the face and the structures that need it.

But they also have a fantastic hydration effect as the hyaluronic acid attracts water and tightens the skin making it younger.

Generally, the patients can return to work or home with practically no signs that give away the treatment. But we do not recommend activities which provoke a lot of facial expressions or exercise the same day. Any other activities can be done without any problems.

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