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Gluteal Enhancement with prosthesis

Many women come to our consultancy but we also see more and more men who humorously say to us,” doctor, I have a flat bottom”. On many occasions they are patients who make an effort in the gym performing gluteal exercises and even go up and down stairs, and as much as they try and struggle, they cannot get their buttocks to stop having a flat appearance.

We can explain that it is a question of genetics. The hypertrophy of the muscle has a degree which will not increase no matter how hard you try.

Here is where a gluteal prosthesis solves the problem. We insert the volume which is missing giving you a much nicer contour. We give the volume needed for jeans to look the way we want them to. So that dresses look perfect.

Through an incision which is situated in the crease between the two buttocks, and therefore practically invisible, we place the prosthesis inside the muscle in such a way that the prosthesis integrates with the muscle where, if it was the adequate size, would give it to us naturally.


Enhance the buttocks through gluteal prosthesis of the highest quality.

Type of anaesthetic

General or epidural.

Side effects

Temporary Pain, swelling.

Duration of result


Duration of the treatment

2 hours.


Admission for 24 hours.


Return to work in 10 days. Return to regular routine in 3-4 weeks.

Frequent questions

Logically it depends on the type of work the patient has. A job that requires a lot of physical effort is not the same as another that doesn’t need as much. If you have to strain yourself in your job, we recommend at least 15 days rest and if you are a person with less strain in your work, 7 days should be sufficient.

You can go to the beach or the pool from the moment that the wounds are completely closed which is usually within two weeks

You can exercise and lift weight a month after the surgery. If you can, we recommend that you do not lift weights in the gym which implies moving the muscles of the buttocks, for a month and a half.

From the third/fourth day you can shower normally. You cannot bathe for at least 15 days.

You will have to alternate face down, face up and on your side during the post operatory. After the surgery it is not good to be face down all the time as this position for a long time could increase the pain.

You can go out in the sun after we have removed the stitches which is usually after two weeks. If you are going to the beach you have to wear 50+ sun protection on the scar, even if you know it will be always be covered by a bikini or bathing suit.

You can travel perfectly on an aeroplane after the surgery.

It is not necessary to wear any type of corset after the gluteal enhancement surgery.

We will show you photographs from previous cases so that you can get a more detailed idea of the final result.

After the surgery you will be irritated. It will not be pain, but irritation. You will have the sensation of aching, stiffness and some pressure. You will take medication for the pain which means that you will have more irritation at bed time, due to the bandage, the antibiotic etc. which will provoke discomfort more than pain.

The scar of a gluteal enhancement usually coincides with the intragluteal crease. Therefore, it is not a scar that is easily seen. With the passing of time it improves greatly making it practically imperceptible. However, multiple treatments exist which improve the final result of scars such as silicon patches, rosehip oil, creams, laser, etc. etc.

You should avoid taking aspirin or any other medication which provokes anticoagulation. Let us know if you usually take vitamin supplements or medicinal plants. Some make the blood coagulate more slowly.

Hygiene and cleaning is very important. Every time you use the toilet, you will have to wash the area with antiseptic soap. Before the surgery we also recommend that 3 days prior to the surgery, you shower with antiseptic soap.

Everyday less and less intramuscular medication is given in the buttocks because the absorption is very erratic. However, advise the health worker who is going to inject you that you have been operated on for a gluteal augmentation so they can choose the adequate place. It is better if it can be avoided.

In general, we recommend any surgical intervention from 18 years and over, in some cases, such as gluteal asymmetries and due to the psychological effects it has or may have, we can indicate this surgery from 16 years on, always with the authorisation of a parent or tutor.