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Breast reduction

Many patients come to our consultancy with large breasts. They are patients who on some occasions suffer with back pains or neck pains. On other occasions, the size of their breasts annoys them when exercising. They can even have difficulty finding an adequate sized bra or they need to wear minimizer bras. In other cases, they are bothered by the redness and the perspiration in the furrow of the breast especially during the summer.

A large breast can become extremely irritating. Not only aesthetically but also when leading a normal life. When this is the case, we recommend a surgical intervention of a chest or breast reduction.

Through a series of techniques, we extirpate the excess breast tissue which can fall and be excessive. We give shape to the new breast and we lift the breast in the same intervention. In such a way that we achieve nice and more importantly, natural breasts which are in harmony with the body of the patient, well-proportioned and of adequate size.

The result is of comfort, beauty and confidence in oneself. In the intervention of breast reduction or reduction mammoplasty, we eliminate the excess skin and tissue which are not needed and the chest is elevated, this way achieving nicer breasts and in harmony with the body of the patient. With this intervention, many symptoms are alleviated, allowing you to exercise, be pain free, stand up straight, avoid drawing unwanted attention and you can buy clothes which fit well, amongst other things.


Reduce the size of the breasts eliminating excess fat, skin, glands and lifting them to a more harmonious position.

Type of anaesthetic


Side effects

Temporary pain, swelling. Sensitive breasts for a few weeks.

Duration of result

Normally permanent, but due to weight gain, pregnancy, ageing, etc.

Duration of the treatment

2-3 hours.


Admission for 24 hours.


Return to work in a few days. Physical contact with the breasts: 3-4 weeks. Disappearance of the scars: a few months.


Frequent questions

The surgery for breast reduction does not generate any type of illness. But it does generate great satisfaction to the patients, both physically and psychologically. They feel better, their neck pain tends to improve, they see themselves better when getting dressed etc. etc.

Logically it depends on the type of work that the patient has. A job which requires a lot of physical effort is not the same as another which is to be sat in front of a computer all day. If in your job you have to use your arms a lot, we recommend at least ten days rest and if your job requires less physical effort, four or five days should be sufficient.

You can go to the beach or the pool from the moment that the wounds are completely closed which is usually within two weeks.

You can exercise and lift heavy objects a month after the surgery. If possible, we recommend that you avoid lifting weights in the gymnasium, as it implies moving the pectoral muscles, for a month and a half.

When you leave the operating theatre, you will be wearing a compressive bandage which allows the inflammation to reduce and the body to heal well from that moment on. This bandage will be removed on the fourth day after surgery. From this moment on, you can shower normally.

You can do this a month after surgery.

You can sunbathe from the moment we remove the steri-strips (plasters that protect the wound, the stitches are inside and do not need removing, they dissolve naturally), which should be in two weeks. If you are going to the beach, you must wear a bikini and use factor 50+ sun protection on the scar.

A week after the intervention you can depilate.

You can travel perfectly on an aeroplane after the surgery. The prosthesis do explode or anything like that.

There is no inconvenience. You can have children and breast feed in most cases. Some patients can produce some reduction in the capacity to breast feed due to the surgical technique used.

We recommend a sports bra during the first month. Afterwards, and up until the third month after the surgery, we recommend any bra that does not have wires. Then from the third month revision, any bra you like.

We offer the Biodynamic system. It is a system fabricated by the commercial house Allergan, which through a series of external prosthesis which we place under a bra and a special t-shirt, simulate the final result. We can vary the size, height and the projection of them so that you can see how the volume and size of your breasts will end up from the first consultation on.

After the surgery you will be irritated. It will not be pain, but irritation. You will have the sensation of aching, stiffness and some pressure. You will take medication for the pain which means that you will have more irritation at bed time, due to the bandage, the antibiotic etc. which will provoke discomfort more than pain.

Scars on breasts are sometimes inevitable. Many of them cannot even be seen, such as those that are in the furrow or that coincide with the areola. However, multiple treatments exist which improve the final result of a scar such as silicon patches, rosehip oil, creams, laser, etc. etc.

You should avoid taking aspirin or any other medication which provokes anticoagulation. Let us know if you usually take vitamin supplements or medicinal plants. Some make the blood coagulate more slowly.

In general, we recommend that any surgical intervention be performed when the patient is over 18 years old. In some cases, due to the psychological effects of a breast asymmetry, the intervention can be carried out from 16 years on, with of course, the consent of one of the parents or tutors.