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VA earfold
The minimally invasive solution
for prominent ears
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First Earfold implants clinic in Spain

logo earfold

The minimally invasive solution for prominent ears

Earfold is the result of years of investigation and testing from Dr. Norbert Kang from the United Kingdom, to solve a need. The solution to protruding ears, in consultation and with implants.

In Valverde & Arpino we are specialists in this method and we are proud to say that we are the first clinic in Spain to use it.


To obtain a less visible scar

The UrgoTouch laser treatment for scars is done in a single session during surgery in the operating room. As the treatment is done under anesthesia, it is absolutely painless. The UrgoTouch laser treatment will modify the inflammatory phase of the healing process, to help obtain a more beautiful scar.

Discover other treatments we have for you

Enhancement, reduction or reconstruction of the chest with natural results.

Rejuvenate and give harmony to your face, eyes, lips, etc. with Avant Guard techniques.

Enjoy the attractive and slender figure that you have always desired, regardless of your age.

We have a solution for the intimate cosmetic defects which worry you so much.

We offer all kinds of treatments to get the results you’ve always wanted.


Ultrasounds for the treatment of capsular contracture

Capsuloblast gives an answer to patients who are looking for the best available prevention in the field of plastic surgery, to avoid capsular contracture and also for patients who look for non-surgical treatment of an established capsular contracture.

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