That’s right. We see the eyelids and little else. In fact, something is happening to me that didn’t happen to me before. I don’t know my patients. Well, I do know them, what happens is that I only recognize them if they are wearing a mask. If one day our masks are removed, and I meet any patient that I have operated on since March 20, I’m sure I won’t recognise them.

What’s more, there is only one moment when I know what they look like. Which is when the anaesthesiologist intubates them and inevitably removes the mask.

Well, the point is that we only see our eyelids. And that has accentuated that we look at them a lot more. And when we look at ourselves more, we see more defects. And the consequence is that we have never operated so much on eyelids.

These past months since January at the time of this publication, the consultations have skyrocketed. They are simple surgeries, especially if we only do the upper eyelids, without notable complications, that do not require hospital admission, that are done with local anaesthesia (upper ones) and the patient goes home immediately.

Quick result. Good result. Recovery not uncomfortable and little bothersome. I’ll leave you a photo of a superior blepharoplasty a month after the surgery.

blefaroplastia superior
blefaroplastia superior
blefaroplastia superior

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