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Remodelling of the lips

Remodelling of the lips is one of the treatments which we perform the most in our clinic.

The patients that come to our consultancy asking for an improvement in the appearance of their lips, do it for various reasons:

The first and most frequent is the volume of them. They are patients who see their lips as flat, with little volume. Others simply see that the profile of them is flat. Other patients tell us that they see their lips small, even empty.

Another reason for the consultancy are patients who want to improve the vertical wrinkles which they have above all, on the upper lip although can sometimes have them on the lower lip.
We can improve all of their concerns. We can give them that volume that they are missing in the lips or profile. We can improve the wrinkles (known colloquially as a bar code) which bother them so much.

We can also hyperhydrate the lips so that they look meatier, it’s what we call “lip booster”. This treatment is always carried out with hyaluronic acid.
A composite perfectly compatible with the area of the lips, which has been created expressly for this anatomical area. We use hyaluronic acids of maximum quality from the commercial house Allergan.

It is important to speak to the patient. We will listen and assess them. On many occasions, we have to give volume, but also outline and even improve the perioral wrinkles in the same session to obtain an optimal result.

Duration of the treatment

Generally, in thirty minutes the treatment is completed.

Side effects

Maybe a bruise in the injection point. Transitory inflammation.

Type of anaesthetic

With local anaesthesia or with anaesthetic cream.

Duration of result

Depends if the patient smokes or not. Normally 6 to 9 months. For many patients it can last up to a year.

Frequent questions

Not a lot, but a bit during the first 24 hours. We will use cold presses and you will at home too, so that the swelling goes down quickly. The following day it will have improved greatly. Additionally, there are treatments that we usually perform in the afternoon after work so that the following day no one will know what you have had done.

Although the result is immediate, due to the inflammation which is produced after injecting the lip, it is better to evaluate it the following day.

Not in our hands. With topical anaesthetic you will not feel a thing.

This cannot happen in our consultancy. We will listen to how you want your lips and we will advise you so that you leave the consultation completely satisfied.