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Inverted nipple

While having nipples projected is considered the aesthetic ideal, many women have inverted nipples. Sometimes they are inverted or “in”, all the time. In other cases, the nipples project normally when they are erect and only retract under the skin when relaxing. The most common reason is simply that these patients have been born that way. The ducts with the breast tissue that drain around the chest are too short, pushing the nipple inward. This type of development is considered totally normal but may affect the patients in a psychological way and in their intimate relationships.

The intervention consists, through local anesthesia, of a 3mm incision in the base of the nipple and through it, sectioning the structures that are pulling down the nipple and reconstructing the nipple inside so that it does not happen again. The scar is practically invisible because of its short length and where it is located.


Increase the projection of the nipple.

Type of anaesthetic


Side effects

Change in nipple sensation, swelling.

Duration of result

Variable. There is a tendency to relapse.

Duration of the treatment

30 minutes to 1 hour.




Return to work the next day. Physical contact with the chest: 3-4 weeks.