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Hymenoplasty or Virgin Surgery

Virgin surgery o Hymenoplasty or virgin surgery consist in the reconstruction of the hymen. The hymen is a structure that exists at the entrance to the vagina and in some cultures such as gypsies or Muslims, is very important. Virginity is extremely associated, not with the presence of the hymen, but of the pain and the bleeding during the first sexual encounter which should be had with the husband and not before marriage.

In some cultures, this sign is associated with purity, honour and integrity. For this reason, its reconstruction could be necessary in order to keep certain social “appearances “and therefore maintain an acceptable social situation for others.
The hymenoplasty gives an answer to this problem. It basically consists in closing the entrance to the vagina. As it is narrower at the entrance, the first penetration can be painful and, in some cases, even bleed after the surgery. Both the pain and the bleeding are “signs” of virginity.


Closing the entrance to the vagina to simulate the presence of a hymen.

Type of anaesthetic

Local and sedation.

Duration of result

The result is immediate and will last until the first sexual encounter, which we recommend is had within two weeks. This way there will be more sensitivity and more possibility of bleeding.


Outpatient surgery. After the surgery the patient can return home.


Pain, discomfort, infection, relapse.