For some time it has become fashionable that, in addition to removing fat from the abdomen, certain contours associated with muscle groups can be marked to give a more muscular appearance to the abdomen.

We have always done this in an occasional way because it was not something that was expressly requested, but currently it is almost mandatory to do it. It is taking abdominal liposuction surgery to a greater degree.

The most suitable candidate is a young patient, in good physical shape, normal weight, who trains regularly, with little or moderate abdominal fat.

In these patients, what is performed is an important liposuction, giving greater impetus to the areas that enhance the muscle-building effect. Logically, in overweight patients or with a significant abdominal excess, a good result can be achieved, but never as good as a candidate as the one previously mentioned.

But the question is how to do it to women. An overly muscular appearance can give a masculine appearance, which some women look for but others do not. And that is where by making a smooth marking, we can achieve a good result for the patient.
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Marcaje-abdominal Marcaje-abdominal

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