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Excessive perspiration

There are patients that not only in summer, but all year round, tell us they have excessive perspiration, in other words: they sweat a lot. To sweat is a normal physiological process when it’s hot, although also in situations of stress.

But there are patients who sweat excessively. So much so that it stops them on many occasions shaking hands when greeting someone. Write without wetting the paper. Others visit us saying that they always have sweat patches under their arms. There are other patients who have a worst perspiration problem in their feet, they irritate them, they get sores and their shoes get damaged very quickly.

Excessive perspiration is a problem, which can provoke problems at work and socially in many patients and that has an easy solution, without the need for an aggressive surgery.

Through small infiltrations of botulinum toxin (Botox) in the armpits, in the palms of the hands or in the soles of the feet we can put a stop to perspiration.

Duration of the treatment

About 20 minutes from start to finish.

Side effects

Redness for a couple of days.

Duration of result

6-12 months.

Type of anaesthetic

In the armpits it’s usually carried out with topical anaesthetic, although there are patients who do not even need it. In the hands and feet, we recommend that it be carried out under sedation, as the aesthetic cream although works very well, is not completely capable of eliminating the irritation of the microinjections. You must understand that the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet are areas of the body that are extremely sensitive.

Frequent questions

After four days you will notice that you start to sweat less. The complete result will be noticed after three weeks of the treatment.

You can repeat the treatment as many times as needed or desired. That said, you should space them out by at least six months.

Immediately. You may have a bruise or two at the point of injection.