We were the first to do them. And we are still by far the ones that perform the most Earfold implants in Alicante. And we are very satisfied. Truly, very satisfied.

We are very satisfied as we are capable of giving answers in a short space of time to a problem that many people suffer from. A problem of a prominent ear. A problem that creates many complexes. Complexes that many people do not understand. Patients who have a complex and feel misunderstood by their loved ones.

And when you tell them that in less than 15 minutes, that complex will be resolved, they cannot believe it. And without entering an operating theatre, without pre-operatory tests, with just a local anaesthetic and without a compression bandage on their head for 15 days. All these things are advantages.

All patients with prominent ears can undergo this treatment. But you must take into account that Earfold is not capable of solving serious cases. It works on moderate and mild cases. For more serious cases of separation of the ears, standard surgery is the solution.

Earfold, has changed our consultations. And has changed the options. It has expanded them. And we are proud to lead this change for the past 5 years. And we thank the more than 150 patients that have put their trust in us with this technique.

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