One of the surgeries we do regularly is to fix problems. Problems derived from a badly planned surgery from the start. Patients who undergo a surgical intervention and it goes wrong. They go to another surgeon and it goes wrong again. The second surgeon tries to fix it and it goes wrong again. So, they come to us and we have to fight to obtain the desired result. We have to find a solution or at least an improvement for the patient. And I say at least an improvement because it is not always easy to give a solution.

A few months ago a patient came to us like this. A beautiful, intelligent woman who had suffered various surgical interventions. The first surgery consisted of elevating the breast with implants. The first surgeon, from the first centre, performed a breast enlargement with large smooth implants through the sub glandular area and an elevation of skin only. Six months later the patient complained to her surgeon as her breasts had drooped, not by a little, but more than when she had first visited his centre. As this first surgeon has left the centre (this is the problem with franchises amongst other things), they offered her another new surgery with another surgeon. This second surgeon, seeing that the implants were too big, used smooth implants too, a bit smaller, also sub glandular and he performed an elevation in an inverted T. Six months later they had sagged again.

And this is where we came in. And we proposed the following. Removal of the smooth implants. Insertion of texturized implants. We’ll insert them through the sub pectoral area. We will also use B-lite implants so that they weigh less. And we did an incision in inverted T, extracting the central flap of the breast this way avoiding reoccurrence. And the patient accepted.

The result is satisfactory for the patient and for myself. And up until now, it has not reoccurred.

Tercera-cirugia-mamaria Tercera-cirugia-mamaria
Tercera-cirugia-mamaria Tercera-cirugia-mamaria


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