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Thigh lift

The upper part of the arm and the upper part of the thigh have a lot in common. These areas are where our body frequently stores excess fat and is also, where our body loses elasticity. Some of the points of our body, such as the forearms can expand and contract with the changes in our body weight and show no signs of excess skin. However, the upper area of the thighs and the arms are not as obliging and can be the first to show the loss of elasticity which appears with age or weight loss. When the problem is an important quantity of excess skin, there is only one way to correct it: stretch and eliminate the excess skin with a thigh lift.

A thigh lift is a procedure which serves to eliminate the excess hanging skin in the thighs. This implies an incision which is normally hidden in the groin area and sometimes, depending on the excess of skin, is carried out on the whole thigh. On the other hand, if the skin is in good condition, the thigh lift may not be necessary. In these cases, a liposuction may work perfectly in the areas that only have excess fat.


Eliminate the excess skin in the thighs.

Type of anaesthetic

Local with sedation, or general

Side effects

Scars which vary depending on how aggressive the procedure needs to be.

Duration of result


Duration of the treatment

2-4 hours.


Normally outpatient


Return to work: 7- 10 days. Better activity: 2-3 weeks.