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Rhinoplasty without surgery or Rhinomodelation

Rhinoplasty without surgery or Rhinomodelation consists in the infiltration of hyaluronic acid in specific points of the nose to simulate a surgical procedure. Which is known as rhinoplasty without surgery.

Through a rhinomodelation we can smooth the bump of the dorsum or the nasal “bridge”. Additionally, if the patients require it we can achieve an elevation of the tip through a hyaluronic injection in the base of the nose, in the columella and on the actual tip.

The result is immediate and completely satisfactory. If you do not wish to operate on your nose and want to improve your facial appearance in less than 20 minutes. Have no doubt. This is your option.






Through an injection of hyaluronic acid we mould the nose and smooth or eliminate the defects that bother us the most.

Side effects

Inflammation, redness.

Type of anaesthetic

Anaesthesia in cream and local cooling.

Duration of the treatment

Normally less that 20 minutes.