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Revitalization of the face and neck. Skinboosters

In the skin, there exists a natural way to balance between the production of hyaluronic acid and its destruction. When we are young, in this balance, creation wins. But when we reach 30, the war is won by our enemy, the passing of time .

Little by little without us realising, as it is a very slow process, our skin loses the tone it had before. It gets dehydrated, it loses water. It loses water amongst other things because our skin loses the support of hyaluronic acid, which is the characteristic of youth.

Through a program of facial rejuvenation with Skin-boosters, we will manage to return tautness to your skin. Recuperate the hydration that it needs and prevent the flaccidity of the skin. Additionally, if you wish, in the same session we can improve the blemishes of the skin or combine other treatments to give your face an optimal result.

Duration of the treatment

After applying anaesthetic cream (topical) whose maximum effect is achieved after 30 minutes of the application, we will perform the treatment. In total, we consider about 45 minutes of treatment.

Side effects

Maybe a bruise in the injection point. Transitory inflammation.

Type of anaesthetic

Anaesthetic cream.

Duration of result

The best effect is achieved, if it is the first time that you do it, in having one session a month, for three months. In other words, three sessions. Afterwards with one recapitulation session a year to maintain the result is usually enough. However, if the patient smokes, or sunbathes without regular sun protection, we will propose one or two sessions a year.

Frequent questions

These are treatments that do not provoke swelling of the face. Maybe a bruise which can be concealed with a bit of makeup. Additionally, we will apply cold presses so that you leave the consultancy with the least inflammation possible.

From the moment the hyaluronic acid is deposited under the skin, it starts to take effect. When you return for the second session you will tell us that you see a difference. The same will happen in the third appointment. Each time you will see an improvement because the hyaluronic acid gradually attracts water and it will improve. We do recommend that you have a recapitulation session every year, this way maintaining the effects.

Not in our hands. With topical anaesthetic you will not feel a thing.

We recommend sun protection in case there is any bruising. If there is no bruising, you can sunbathe after 24 hours.

The recommended treatment consists of three sessions each spaced by a month. After two years, if you would like to maintain the result you can repeat the treatment although one recapitulation session is usually enough.