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Revision of Scars

Scars are the result of the reparation of the skin due to the damage caused after an accident, illness or surgical incision. The more skin that has been damaged and the longer the recuperation, the more possibility of a visible scar. Being able to see a scar more or less depends on the colour, texture, thickness, as well as the length, width, direction and location. If the scar adheres to deeper structures such as muscle or bone, the skin can acquire animation or movement as it is tied to deeper structures.

The techniques applied to make scars less visible include the change in direction of the scar so that no creases or bags are formed, by massaging, local injections of steroids, tattoos, dermabrasion, collagen injections, chemical peelings, cryogenic surgery, and application of pressure with silicone, laser treatments and separation of the skin from the scar from the deeper structures.

The term that the techniques for improving the appearance of a scar are known by is ” scar revision ”, reparation. Each patient is different and the scars need an individualised approach. To achieve an optimal result, the revision of the scars can need at least 6 months or more.