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Our Installations in Alicante



and in Benidorm

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Intervention Centers in Alicante and Benidorm

The consultation of Doctor Valverde and Doctor Arpino is situated in an area of health excellence in Alicante. Surrounded by the three biggest private hospitals in the town of Alicante, our consultation provides an environment where you will feel safe and well looked after.

Your privacy is assured by both the location of the consultation and its installations.

Doctor Arpino and Doctor Valverde perform all of their surgical interventions in the Hospital Imed in Elche, in the Hospital Vistahermosa in Alicante capital and in the Hospital Clínica Benidorm in Benidorm. We feel proud that many of our patients come from different towns and cities of the province of Alicante and also from the rest of Spain. And what’s more, many of them come from outside of Spain, from Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom etc.

Within the hospitals of the province, we have chosen these three hospitals so that all of our patients can have operations as close to their homes as possible.

Hospital Clínica Benidorm in the north of the province as well as Hospital Vistahermosa in the centre of Alicante and the very modern Hospital Imed Elche treating the patients in the south and the centre of the province, are a reference of quality care and technology, both in the province of Alicante and on an International level.

All three of them currently offer the most advanced technology with surgical installations accredited by the Spanish State and the Health Service of the Valencian Community. Additionally, each one of them have all of the personalised measures and technologies to make you feel safe in a hospital environment specifically chosen by us.

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