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Intimate surgery treatments

Reduction of the Labia Minora

Reduction of Labia Minora

Of all the corrective reconstructive surgical techniques, the Labia Minora surgery is probably one of the least known. Increasingly more plastic surgeons are adding the Labia Minora surgery…


Enhancement of Labia Majora

Some women suffer lack of plenitude in the Labia Majora with age or after childbirth. A combination of the lack of labia majora and a prominent clitoris creates a protruding area. The loss of volume in the labia majora is associated with age and can cause lack of self-esteem…


Lifting and liposuction of the pubis

The pubic region can have large deposits of fat which can be unsightly. Many men and women avoid the use of tight clothes or swimsuits for this reason. A liposuction of this suprapubic deposit of fat can improve the contour…


Hymenoplasty or Virgin Surgery

La cirugía de la virginidad o Hymenoplasty or virgin surgery consist in the reconstruction of the hymen. The hymen is a structure that exists at the entrance to the vagina and in some cultures such as gypsies or Muslims, is very important.