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Facial Surgery Treatments

Facial lifting

Face lift

The goal of a facial rejuvenation is to provide an external appearance in harmony with the inner feelings of youth, energy and optimism.
The obvious signs of ageing such as excess skin and an absence of plenitude in the middle area of the face…



A Minilifting can improve the most visible signs of age, and more specifically in patients in their 40’s. The miniliftings of the face with minimal scarring are indicated in people that show signs of ageing in the midfacial area with excess skin on the jawline…

Neck lift

Neck lift

Often, the first signs of ageing appear on the neck. A significant quantity of extra skin on the neck area creates an appearance of being older than the real age. In our clinic, our plastic surgeons Dr. Valverde and Dr. Arpino, perform neck lifts to reposition the fallen neck…

Liposuction of the jowl

Liposuction of the jowl

Do you have a pocket of skin under your chin (jowl)? During your consultation we will evaluate this area to assure that the submental liposuction will improve your appearance. If you have a large quantity of excess skin you can consider other options…


Nose surgery

The Rhinoplasty or the nose surgery is not a universal process for everyone. The art of this nasal surgery depends on the ability to recognise the subtle contours of the face so that the process becomes harmonious and natural. As it is one of the characteristics…


Ear surgery

Protruding ears, also known as” sticking-out ears” can affect children but also adults. Due to the complexity of the architecture of the ears, we perform a profound analysis of each case to evaluate which structure needs to be sculpted and repositioned…


Eyelid Surgery

They say that the eyes are the window to the soul and for most of us, an important facial definition. The excess skin around the eyes can make you look older than you are and feel. Additionally, the bags of the lids give an aspect of tiredness In the same way that…

Earlobe reparation

Earlobe reparation

A common problem in women are torn lobes. This occurs after wearing heavy earrings or that have been pulled causing the tear. Torn lobes can be easily repaired under local anaesthetic. The stitches are removed after 2 weeks…

Facial rejuvenation with own fat

Facial rejuvenation with your own fat transfer

With age, the facial oval diminishes in size. The bones remain the same size but the cheeks, chin, jaw, forehead etc. shrink in size. The fat, the muscle and the tissues waste away which produces flaccidity of the aged skin…