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Eliminate wrinkles

Through an infiltration of maximum quality hyaluronic acid, we fill the wrinkles that make us uncomfortable. Any wrinkles can be filled. The nasolabial folds, the vertical lines of the lips, the nasolabial furrows, the crow’s feet and the lines between the eyebrows, are the wrinkles that bring more patients to the consultancy of a plastic surgeon.

But not all wrinkles are the same. Crow’s feet are fine and superficial. Those of the nasolabial furrows are deep and longer.

Because of this, each wrinkle requires a different type of hyaluronic acid.

Duration of the treatment

Depends on the areas to treat and how many. Generally, thirty minutes.

Side effects

None. Maybe a small bruise at the injection point.

Type of anaesthetic

We will use an anaesthetic cream ( Emla) on the skin so that the patients do not feel anything.

Duration of result

Approximately 1 year. It can vary from one patient to another.

Frequent questions

The effect is immediate after the infiltration. The product deposited under the skin gives immediate volume.

Generally not, but it is possible that some appear. With a bit of makeup, you can camouflage them and they are tolerable. When you get home, we recommend that you put something cold on the infiltrated areas and a gel which reduces any swelling.

You can repeat it whenever you like. We will assess you regarding how much and when it is necessary to infiltrate.

Not all hyaluronic acids are the same in quality nor in composition. Some are designed for the lips. Some are designed to give volume to the cheeks. Others are designed for very fine wrinkles such as crow’s feet. There are various types. Even if it is the same composite, the high-quality laboratories have created product lines specifically for the different areas of the face. We will assess you in all the decisions and we will advise which is better for you.

There are many commercial establishments. But we use the ones developed and commercialised by the company Allergan.

People will see you looking fresher. Younger. As if you have returned from a good holiday. You will not look strange or operated at all. Not in our consultation. We will assess you so that you obtain the exact result that you are looking for but we personally like naturalness and simplicity.

These are treatments that do not provoke swelling of the face. Maybe a bruise which can be concealed with a bit of makeup. Additionally, we will apply cold presses so that you leave the consultancy with the least inflammation possible.

Not in our hands. With topical anaesthetic you will not feel a thing.

We recommend sun protection after the treatment.

You can wear makeup 24 hours after the treatment.