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Earfold, Minimally invasive Otoplasty

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Earfold is the result of years of investigation and tests carried out by Dr. Norbert Kang of the United Kingdom, giving us necessary answers. The solution to the problem of protruding or prominent ears within the consultancy using implants.
Through a small incision in the skin of the ear, we introduce a gold covered implant, which when it liberates itself, doubles the cartilage in the upper third of the ear in such a way that it takes the ear backwards.

Advantages of the Otoplasty without surgery with Earfold implants.

The advantages in respect to the traditional technique is that the treatment can be carried out in the consultancy. Classic otoplasties should be performed in an operating theatre with an anaesthetist. They are outpatient procedures but the fact that you have to enter an operating theatre makes people think twice. In this case however, the treatment with Earfold implants is performed with local anaesthetic here in the consultation and is resolved in about 25 minutes.
Another advantage with respect to the classical technique, is the rapid recuperation. The classic surgery requires a light bandage which the patient should wear for two or three weeks. With Earfold, this bandage is not necessary even for a day.
Another thing, although less important, is that the Earfold implants are totally reversible. If a patient, under any circumstance, wishes to have them removed (this has never happened in the 800 cases performed by Dr. Kang), we can remove them easily.


Who can have this treatment?

Who is this treatment indicated for? All of the people who have prominent ears due to the underdeveloped antihelix. This is for most patients. This said, there are patients with a large development of the shell and who although with Earfold will obtain a better result, surgery will always be the solution for these types of ears. We will advise you of this, if this is the case, in the informative consultation.
We are proud to be the first in Spain to perform this treatment. Allergan, the manufacturer of the product and one of the best laboratories in the world in the field of Plastic Surgery, has chosen us to introduce this technique in Spain. We are teachers in this technique and we can say that we are proud to be the first in Spain to carry out this treatment.



Through small incisions introduce one or two implants in the ears to correct the prominent ears.

Type of anaesthetic

In the consultancy under local anaesthetic.

Duration of result

The result is immediate and will last all of your life.


As long as they are of sufficient age to be calm during the procedure. Not usually before seven years old although it depends on the child.

Duration of the treatment

25 to 40 minutes.


The treatment is outpatient


It will be inflamed for 48-72 hours and after that normal life.

Side effects

Not at all. They are gold plated.

Type of ears

Not for all, but for most prominent ears, yes.


Earfold, the latest in prominent ears.

Today I present to you Earfold, the answer to the correction of prominent ears without surgery. How? Through implants. I will explain.
Earfold are implants. Gold plated implants which are placed under the skin in the upper third of the ear and what they do is fold the cartilage so that the ear goes backwards and does not appear to be separate.

Dr Valverde Ponente in the national presentation of Earfold

At the beginning of the month of October, we saw the presentation of Earfold on a National level in Madrid. In case there is anyone that doesn’t know it yet, Earfold is the latest product from the Allergan laboratory whose mission is, with one minimal incision, to make the prominent ear no longer exist.
You should know that we have been the first in the country to perform this treatment and that also, up until today, we are the centre who has performed the most cases. This is the reason that we have been selected to give our opinion regarding this product to over 50 plastic surgeons.

Earfold training in Madrid

On the fifth and twelfth of November we performed Earfold training in Madrid. It fill us with pride that Allergan has chosen us to train 25 plastic surgeons on how to use Earfold.
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