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Bodylifting – Surgery after large weight loss

The new surgeries available to bariatric patients (large weight loss) have made great changes in their lives possible. Eliminating the load of morbid obesity, we offer the possibility to enjoy a more intense lifestyle.

However, after a large weight loss, there is still an important quantity of excess skin in the face, arms, abdomen, chest or lower part of the body, which can be an unpleasant memory of the past.

This excess of skin can be treated with various procedures which have been modified to adjust to these patients and reach the desired results. The areas of the abdomen, hips and back can be hidden by the extra circumferential skin and tissue which has lost elasticity and can be corrected with a lower Bodylifting. The incisions can be easily hidden under the underwear.

For the contours of the arms, our licensed plastic surgeons, Dr. Valverde and Dra. Arpino frequently use the procedure known as an arm lift. Our patients follow a combination of appropiately considered procedures to achieve the adequate results.

Another area which can improve considerably, if necessary, is the upper third of the face, neck and jaw, which with a facial lift can reach a natural and fresh appearance. During the consultancy, the patients will be informed of all of the possibilities concerning the process of Bodylifting.

Dr. Valverde and Dra. Arpino want you to feel proud of the changes that you have made and their goal is to help you to obtain a new body shape.