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Reducción Mamaria

Breast reduction. The growing surgery

This time, in our blog we will talk about breast reduction and its particularities: scars, volume ...
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Cirugia Senior

Plastic surgery in senior patients

Today in our blog we explain how more and more senior patients are performing surgeries at Valverde & Arpino.
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Lifting de Brazos

Arm lift. The scar does not have to be a problem

We start the week with a new article on our blog in which we talk about the arm lift and the scar that remains after the intervention.
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Mascarilla Bleafaroplastia

The mask has triggered eyelid surgery

Today we bring you a new article on our blog and a new case of a patient who has undergone a blepharoplasty of the upper eyelids.
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Mommy makeover

Mommy makeover

We start the week with a new article in which we talk about postpartum reconstruction surgery or, as English speakers say, Mommy Makeover.
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Breast asymmetry and breast drop in a young patient

Breast asymmetry is present in almost all women. Some more, some less, have some degree of asymmetry. Always. But sometimes, this difference is so marked that it makes the woman
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Gentle abdominal etching in women

Today we show you a case of abdominal liposuction surgery and in our blog, we explain how we perform a gentle abdominal etching in women.
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CoolSculpting Elite

CoolSculpting: The Ultimate in Localized Fat Removal

Dr. Alessia Arpino explains how the innovative CoolSculpting treatment is revolutionizing aesthetic medicine by eliminating up to 27% of localized fat in each session without the need for surgery. Now available at the Valverde & Arpino office in Benidorm.
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We are still the Number 1 in Earfold implants in Alicante

We are still the Number 1 in Earfold implants in Alicante. We want to remember our first patient to whom we placed the Earfold implants 5 years ago.
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Tercera Cirugia Mamaria

Third breast surgery. Fixing problems

One of the surgeries we do regularly is to fix problems. Problems derived from a badly planned surgery from the start.
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I can’t go on. Remove the implants

Over time our body changes and the implants that we had put in the past no longer look pretty, they bother you and they break. An interesting option is the explant.
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Why, it compensates to have a breast reduction.

There are a significant amount of women who from puberty, notice that their breasts grow at a greater speed than the rest of their friends.
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