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Cirugía mamaria secundaria

My doctor did too much. I regret this

Secondary mammary surgery is in our practise clinic, one of the pathologies that is growing more frecuent than others. Patients who have had problems, those who are not happy with
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Blefaroplastia completa

Complete Discreet Blefaroplasty

This patients case, of whom I greatly appreciate, is of a complete blefaroplasty. Which is retouching the upper and lower eyelids.
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Explante mamario

I dont want these breasts. Explant pexia from severe capsular contracture.

In the past few years a lot of patients are coming to us who have had a breast enlargement, about 20-30 years ago and they come because their breasts are
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I’ve lost 50 kilos! Remove this skin and leave no visible scars!

This is the case of an abdominoplasty in a patient with a large weight loss. The solution, try to remove the most we can.
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Elevación mamaria sin implantes

Breast lift without implants

This type of technique has the advantage that it is much less painful, and also, much less invasive.
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Lifting de la cara y párpados

Face and Eyelid Lift after two weeks

When a patient comes for an appointment to obtain facial rejuvenation, its very typical for them to show me in the mirror, pulling their face back with their fingers and
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Aumento mamario natural

Natural mamary augmentation and well informed

The breast augmentation is a classic. I think that anyone who is interested in having a breast augmentation, knows all about it.
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Hipertrofia mamaria virginal

Virginal Breast Hypertrophy

What a name! What is this?? Well this is a name used by doctors for young women who when their breasts began to grow, they were very large.
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¡Tercera reducción mamaria!

Third mamary reduction!

Today, we present you with a very exceptional case. I say exceptional because the patient was treated in two other centers where she previously had two other mamary reductions. She
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Blefaroplastia completa

Complete Blefaroplasty

The complete Blefaroplasty is the surgery that treats the superior and inferior eyelids at the same time.
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Aumento mamario

How to improve something that is already beautiful

Breast augmentation is still a challenging surgery. Although its a routine surgery in any clinic with any plastic surgeon, it always has its difficulties.
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Liposucción de cartucheras

Liposuction on excess hip fat on a slim patient, who takes care of herself

A few months ago a young patient came to our clinic, she was unhappy with her hips. The truth is she was slim, practised sports, watched her diet, but couldnt
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