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Cirugía mamaria deportista

Mammary Surgery for a High Performance Athletes

This is the case of a patient who received implants under the fascia of the larger pectoral, a tissue that covers over the muscle.
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Reconstrucción mamaria

Mammary reconstruction after a massive loss of weight

This is a very interesting case. This patient underwent a bariatric surgery, many years ago. She consulted many centers before coming to us.
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Retirada de implantes

Removal of implants and reconstruction

More and more often, we receive at our clinic, patients who years ago had implants put in and now want them removed for ever.
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Contractura capsular

Capsular contracture Bilateral Grade IV

We present you with the treatment we have proceeded to do to a patient who presented us with a serious capsular contracture.
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Cirugía Mamaria Secundaria

Secondary Mammary Surgery after a bad execution in another center.

The Secondary Mammary Surgery, in our clinic is actually being a fundamental pillar for our professional development.
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Mammary Pexy

Secondary Mammary Pexy

We present you with a case of a patient who had had an operation for a breast lift with round smooth implants and early occurance of breast droopiness.
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Dimple Creation Surgery

An operation, very unknown in Spain, but very widespread in other countries such as the Middle East, is the surgery to create dimples.
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Change of Implants

Change of Implants. From anatomical to round, and larger.

One of the most requested treatments that all surgeons receive is to change implants.
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Change of implants

Change of implants due to breakage and mamary elevation

This time, its about a patient with a broken implant since a long time ago, operated on in a different centre many years ago, with a more than evident dropping of the breast.
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Tuberous Breasts

Tuberous Breasts

A young woman with tuberous breasts where we needed to treat the gland, also the areola and place implants.
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What is an upper Blefaroplasty like a month after surgery?

In general, an upper blefaroplasty is very bearable. Its a surgery done in half an hour, both eyelids, which done under local anethesia.
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Aumento mamario

Natural Breast Enlargement

The natural breast enlargement, that may not be what the patient originally has in mind, in my opinion is a breast enlargement with a series of characteristics.
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