It is a reality that we are living for more and more years. There are more and more elderly people and that fewer and fewer children are being born. In fact, the year 20 has already been the year with the fewest births since registers were recorded, worse than in the post-war period!

In addition to the fact that we are getting older and older, we want to be well. Being active, traveling, having fun, going out, being with the grandchildren and playing sports with them. To live life and not stay glued to the television the last few years of our lives.

This means that older people come to our consultations. In fact, 25% of our surgeries are already performed in people over 60 years old and a not inconsiderable 10% in people over 70 years old.

And this, I think is just the beginning. The purchasing power of this population is high and the surgical safety too. But also when you ask them, many do not take a single pill. They do not have high blood pressure, and so many of them have never undergone surgery or appendicitis! Nothing at all.

I recently did a surgical intervention on a patient and long-time friend, (it is not the first time we have operated on her), who came with an important complex. She had a more than evident breast asymmetry. At almost 70 years old, she did not want to see herself with a difference in her breasts.

We proposed an elevation of the small one and a lowering and elevation of the largest. I hereby leave you the result after 2 months. I hope you like it. All complexes have gone.

Pacientes senior Pacientes senior

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